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surprised evans is gonna play. looked like he seperated his shoulder, musta just been a stinger

i think they did say something similar to stinger.  could be wrong, but believe they said he felt like he lost some strength in it.  maybe similar to the hit colt mccoy took against alabama?

Did not expect UF to blow out UT.  Wow, what a performance.

Driskel is getting better and better every game.  Going to be interesting to see how they perform in October while playing three teams that ranked in the top 7.

cant say im surprised to see you guys beat tennessee. it is tennessee after all and they just cant get over the hill on you guys. will definately be interesting to see what happens when you start playing teams that are actually good all around. i only see 3 teams that have a chance to beat you on your schedule. LSU, UGA, and FSU. USCE would have a chance if shaw was healthy but i doubt he will be.

UF is still very jeckyll and hyde to me.  we got lucky with some dropped passes from hunter and #84, but it certainly was nice to put them away late.  driskel seems silent and then comes up with some bigtime throws.  very disappointed with both lines...OL should be a strength but no where close.  DL has done a good job against the run but not enough pressure.

dex - with VT looking very "fraudish" who is the toughtest opponent for fsu?  they might be able to cakewalk into a game with bama!


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