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Tough Decision


I'm playing in a total points league and had a rough showing week 1.
Need to rebound this week so the deficit doesn't get out of hand.

6 pts per TD
1 pt per 10 yds rushing
1 pt per 20 yds passing

My tough choice is at QB

I've got
Vick vs Ravens.....  killed me last week but has the most potential to put up big points any given Sunday
Sanchez vs Steelers... Steeler D getting old in the tooth.  Can the Jets keep the momentum rolling?
Dalton vs Cleveland...yeah, I know this guy looked terrible but in Week 2 the Browns will be without Haden and possibly their other starter Sheldon Brown (injury)

Who should get the start?


Thanks in advance....

I'd go with Vick

Vick. He should be able to get you 2 touchdown, which equates to 12 easy points in this league. I can't trust Dalton or Sanchez at this time.

Thanks guys, much appreciated!

Luckily, both had similar games.

FWIW, I went with Dalton who was given the nod less than ten minutes before gametime.

Final score in my league was:

Dalton 30
Vick 26
Sanchez- Seems to be having a long day.  Thankfully, I didn't consider him.


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