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very interesting.  im  curious about how they are going to handle their schedule.  ND has always played the Service Academies, right?  heard on the radio that they have multi-year contracts with mich st, mich, and i believe purdue.  traditional games against usc and stanford.  and now they agree to play 5 ACC games a year?  seems to me some contracts and traditions are going out the window or ND just signed up for possibly the toughest schedule in college football.

will be interesting to see what they do. they definately will keep the USC game, and most likely michigan and MSU.

meh duke, maryland, nc state, nc, bc

the way theyre setting up the acc games works out that every team will play ND once every 3 years. however that shakes out i have no idea. i imagine some years theyll draw the easier teams and some years theyll get FSU, VT, and clemson

The primary result of this partial marriage of Notre Dame to the ACC is that any old big 12 expansion plans involving ACC teams including FSU are over.  There is  a highly vocal part of the FSU fan base that absolutely despises the ACC and certainly there are legitimate reasons for the unhappiness. However, after what has transpired over the last year with the admittance of Pitt and Syracuse , the Orange Bowl deal, Notre Dame, and the opening up of further renegotiating of a  rather putrid TV contract I would say the ACC has successfully eliminated any chance of any ACC team including FSU to join another conference.

As to the Big 12 IMO if they were really trying take the recent lemon and make lemonade they should offer UCF and USF membership to the conference.   While UCF and USF currently are not that impressive getting such a foothold on the Florida market would be huge for the old big 12.   Just need to think a bit outside the box.

That being said even though the old big 12 says they want to stay at 10 teams I believe in the near future Louisville and BYU will get the full court press because really what else is left?


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