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Who do you start?


Peyton Manning at Patriots or

Cam Newton vs the Seahawks at home.

Patriots have been scored on but Belicheck knows Peyton very well.

Seahawks defense have been very solid while Newton hasnt been great he still gets points for rushing yards and he can toss it around too. Seahawks also making the long trip out east.

As you can see Im leaning towards Newton but I want somebody elses opinion. What do you guys think?

IMO, similar to "real" football, you run the play until they can stop it.
Peyton has been productive and the Pats haven't been able to stop lesser offenses.

Your justification about being familiar with a QB didn't work so well when the Pats played Buffalo and Baltimore.
Fitzpatrick hung 350 and 4 scores vs NE.  Flacco hung 383 and 3 on the Pats.

I'm not saying that Peyton will get you better numbers than this but I think he's easily the safer play.
There's film out on Cam now.  Could that be why he's off to a slow start.  Who knows?

My call would be the safer play in Peyton.  Plus, that Seattle D is fast and physical.  Cam struggles against those types of defense.

Either way you play it, good luck!!!

Peyton, not even a discussion for me.


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