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#90 : October 13, 2012, 09:26:43 AM

QaZ, it sounds like you have a Gruden suppository up your ass that is lodged in and hardened so it's always on your mind.   You do realize that the Saints and Panthers are also in the division don't you?   It wasn't just the Bucs that the Falcons had to beat.     The Bucs beat the Falcons once that year and lost once in overtime in Atlanta.   The Falcons finished 11-5.    If Schiano finished 11-5, he'd be doing one helluva job.   This had nothing to do with Gruden and everything to do with the Falcons having a great year.

ouch... I mean you're the one that thinks about gruden, when talking gruber.

I think i mentioned the katrina saints and the delhomme panthers, beside the post vick falcons, talk about ignorance and incompetence.

If you wanna come up with this fawlty logic(incompetence showing by not repeating a trend bad coaching created), don't cry about getting a response for.
If you want to tell me how gruden is a better coach than raheem, cool, but his record does not really work as a benchmark for greatness either.

I hope Vick does not get notice of your interest in on someone elses rear, he might mistake you for a dog. Whoof whoof.

"fawlty logic"....funny coming from you...

Rodgers now has a ring because of a favourable call in TB

Hell, brees might not be as accurate as manziel.


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#91 : October 13, 2012, 09:50:31 AM

"fawlty logic"....funny coming from you...

Gruden was not 0-4? GB makes the PO with the bucs winning vs the lions in 2010? Or would you then have to start a 'what if scenario'? For instance Megatron not 'fumbleing' the ball vs the bears in which the packers still miss the PO, due to their horrible divison record tiebreaker vs the bears?

I say it would be a fawlty logic to bash rodgers if he would not have a ring , due to a then non favoUrable call in TB. Therefore it just a much of a fawlty logic to give him JUST credit for that ring, instead of his QB skills, for instance in games he actually played in.

Keep tryin', but do not expect a Dilfer HOF speech any time soon. Peyton prolly then has to be scared to miss out aswell, because of a few coincidence in which he did not get another ring, right? Or maybe he is still a dang good QB.
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