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Creation science vs Evolutionary religion

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Chief Joseph:

Why it's just like 'Froot Loops' vs. 'Cocoa Puffs!'

yeah, more completely biased garbage!!!!  Guess being laughed at on the red board over football knowledge...or lack there of has driven OT back to the cove to post his drivel.

oh, anyone can find a biased video to back their view?

Chief Joseph:

 " Hovind established the Creation Science Evangelism in 1991, and frequently spoke on young Earth creationism at seminars at private schools and churches, debates, and on radio and television broadcasts. Since January 2007, Hovind has been serving a ten-year prison sentence after being convicted of 58 federal counts, including 12 tax offenses, one count of obstructing federal agents, and 45 counts of structuring cash transactions. He is incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution at Berlin, New Hampshire."

Looks like he forgot to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's.

Sorry, had to find a spot for this gem. The title leaves out the best part.

Deeply Religious Newburgh Man Crushed By Falling Crucifix, Loses Leg
Pizza Parlor Worker Prayed Before Statue, Prior To Wife Being Cured Of Cancer


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