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after reading the kiper pick of him, i wanted to get some FSU guys take on him.  i know dex wasnt advocating him in the makes me wary thinking the guys wasnt a starter and is now thought of as a mid first pick?  how does his game compare to werner and jenkins?  thanks.

i dont advocate him in the first only because our DBs are so poor. if we had serviceable corners id absolutely take him. i think hes going to end up a top 15 pick, possibly top 10 pick when its all said and done.

kid is a different animal from werner and jenkins. jenkins is a speed rusher but not neccesarily a great run defender. he will end up a 3-4 OLB(think lamar woodley). werner is a more complete DE. plays the run and the pass extremely well. relentless motor and extremely smart and instinctive. think a smaller version of JJ watt

carradine is a blend of both. hes got a nonstop motor and is relentless in pursuit. ive seen him go all the way across the field and nail a runningback behind the line near the sideline for a loss. guy doesnt give up ever. he has protypical size, 6"5 265 right now. really long arms and he can dip, bend and get low. carradine is a complete animal in the pass rushing game. hes ridiculous too as a run defender. he is tied for the team lead in tackles this year with 65 right now and he recorded 11 tackles and a sack thursday night against VT. he sets the edge well and is very strong at the point of attack. he sheds tackles and stops the ball carriers as soon as he gets them. the kid tackles extremely well, once he gets his hands on you its pretty much over. he is the ultimate hustle guy and makes tackles downfield when runners go through the middle or to the opposite side

he is almost a carbon copy of jason pierre paul. similar juco background, similar size, similar playing style. carradine is a great kid and will make a ton of money in the league.  the scary thing is he is far from a finished product. his ceiling is so high its not even funny

thanks.  was he considered a backup coming into the season or 3rd starter?  i know mario edwards jr got a lot of the publicity.  was carradines spot on the depth chart more due to the other guys having "seniority"?

the way we use out DEs
jenkins 1a
werner 1b
carradine 1c

we rotate them so much, thats why FSU gets so much pressure on qbs we just keep pulling one and putting another on the field. carradine was always first man off the bench last year. the guy had something like 35 tackles, 10 tfl and 5.5 sacks last year as a first year guy at FSU, pretty good backup depth if you ask me. carradine was behind 2 1st round talent guys but its pretty obvious he was 1st round as well. every time he came in he did something that made you say "wow this guy would start anywhere but FSU". the best thing that ever happened for him was jenkins getting hurt. hes going to make millions because of it. i think he would have been a 3rd or 4th round steal if it wasnt for him getting the starting spot.

this video is a perfect setup for carradine. you will see him play the run, rush the passer. he blasts his man backwards a bunch. watch how quick and strong he is. you will see werner get a sack around the 40sec mark, watch how bad carradine gets held, if the LT doesnt hold him hes at the qb in about 1 second. the kid is a monster


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