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thanks dex, didnt even realize this was his 2nd year at fsu.  im not hoping for a DL, but if he's BPA he certainly sounds the part.

yeah id love to have him but we just have no corners that we can rely on to cover. somebody is gonna get a great player. hopefully not atl, no, or carolina


--- Quote from: GameTime on November 10, 2012, 12:23:02 PM ---after reading the kiper pick of him, i wanted to get some FSU guys take on him.  i know dex wasnt advocating him in the makes me wary thinking the guys wasnt a starter and is now thought of as a mid first pick?  how does his game compare to werner and jenkins?  thanks.

--- End quote ---

his stock is on the rise big time.  still raw as a pass rusher but has a great motor and is a physical specimen. he looks bigger than his listed weight. he is a beast against the run too.  in fact, i think he leads the team in tackles or close to it.  i wouldnt worry about him not starting going into this year.  as dex noted, he was going to get plenty of pt this year even if Jenkins was healthy.  Think of him as a really good 6th man in basketball that would start for most teams.  he is getting his chance to shine now though.  he is everything you hope for in a JUCO guy: instant impact. 

i wouldn't compare him to JPP though.  JPP strikes me as more athletic with a tall lanky frame and long wing span with elite edge rush skills.  Tank is thicker and not as quick so i'm not sure he has JPP's upside as a pass rusher but can be a really well rounded DE. 

I think it should be mentioned in this thread that Carradine is leading the team in tackles.  Yes a DE is leading the team in tackles.

unfortunately tank tore his acl in the game versus UF. really feel bad for this kid because he was a first round lock. season stats 80 tackles, 13 for loss, 10.5 sacks, 1 FF

this will knock him to the second at the very best. although a knee injury isnt a death sentence anymore it is going to cost him a bunch of money


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