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the thing about klein is he has about the least talented team in the country. Kstate doesnt get talented recruits at all. the fact that they play so well is a credit to the coaching and the drive of the players. Texas A&M had guys who are top 10 national recruits and a ton of texas talent.

klein is a winner and hasnt had any really bad games. his resume is pretty good as well. he has wins over
#6 oklahoma in norman  24-19  Oklahoma doesnt lose at home
#13 WVU in morgantown  55-14 complete beatdown
#14 texas tech  55-24 complete beatdown
#24 OK state 
and he still has to play @ ranked texas.

2020yds passing. 12 tds 3 int. 748yds rushing 19tds
pretty impressive resume.

WVU, ttu, and okie state are all challenging games, but none of those teams have any form of defense.  dont get my wrong, klein is having a great season, and should definitely be in the discussion.  i just think manziel is getting the cold shoulder because he's a freshman.

true but i will say this, SEC defense is overrated by the media. they are used to playing against offenses that run first and throw second and run basic routes. TAMU brought the Big12 offense to the SEC, it will be interesting to see if the other SEC teams adjust to what TAMU does next year. id put money on him not being as effective with everyone having a years worth of film on him, not to mention hes going to lose 2 first round talent tackles at the end of the year

just to split hairs, a&m brought a conferenceUSA offense!  but i agree with what you are saying.  although there have been plenty of teams to run the high octane offenses in the SEC recently, i think its just that bama has proven that a prostyle offense can work - and possibly be more inviting to the NFL.

as for manziel next year, i do agree, it will be hard to repeat his performance.  thats why he deserves to be seriously considered this year.

I think Manziel will have to blow the doors off everyone the next few weeks. I don't see them letting a freshman win it. Klein will win it because he is the entire Kansas St offense


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