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just legalize it already

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14 pages now because PeanutButterCheeseBoy doesn't want to be argumentative.

Kinda like he only comes here when he's "bored".



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--- Quote from: dbucfan on December 08, 2012, 10:03:53 PM ---Actually - the argument isn't because those other things hurt you marijuana should be legal as well - the question is why does the government feel the need to regulate marijuana.  It is simply odd to point out the argument that marijuana is possibly bad for folks, while other products are sold have been proven worse - for decades.

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I think you are just restating the same argument in a different way.  But in any event, that is why I asked what the positive selling point is for the drug.  At an absolute minimum, there is at least the possibility that it is harmful (I posted an actual study showing brain damage and there is other anecdotal evidence), so if everyone can at least agree on the bare minimum argument that it is "possibly harmful" then why in the world would anyone advocate making marijuana availble OTC?  Maybe, as a doctor prescribed medicine, but my understanding is that most want it legal as an OTC drug. To me that is "odd" to the point of being almost nonsensical, particularly if marijuana is only currently used by a relatively small segment of the population.

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Absolutely - restating the argument absent the comparisons - or with them if you wish.  The studies of tons of products are harmful when used inappropriately to a degree beyond recommended use.  Having it over the counter has little to nothing to do with the harm.  The country recognizes the product will be used - the question isn't can it harm folks - the question is if the country wishes it to be available over the counter - what is the flipping hold up?  As for the relatively small segment - that would be folks who smoke it regularly perhaps - but certainly isn't representative if one considers how many have used it at some point in their life.  Perhaps allowing the folks of this country to use it - or not - with education of how misuse could affect one... you know, treating folks like grown ups that can make appropriate choices for themselves... I know it's and odd idea  - lol

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Its not an odd idea -- to treat people like grown ups -- it's an idea I generally agree with, but in this instance the drug in question is currently illegal. Some think that wrong, and I certainly respect their right to, but from an intellectual standpoint its odd to suggest wider distribution of a drug to the entire population, over the counter, when all who support that position seem incapable of stating the value of the drug itself.  I am a less over more person when it comes to regulations, but I just don't get that approach with pot. As wasteful and ineffective as the war on drugs seems, there is certainly a segment of the population that has been shielded from marijuana use by the fact that it is illegal, so now the suggestion is to expose that segment of the population to a drug even though it has no benefit (and seems to harm)? On top of that we are going to make it more readily available to those casual users and, in general, add another intoxicant to the public market when we already have a problem with drink/drive . .

Anyway, I certainly am not saying my point of view is right, just that the advocates for legality dont seem to have a very compelling argument for OTC treatment of pot. Maybe by prescription, but the OTC argument borders on being disengenuous given that "medicinal value" seems to be the only positive argument. 

Good points all around though

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I am not making the pitch for legalization using the medicinal value - though having read some of the posts- assuming validity it makes sense.  I simply offer the criminalization is almost ludicrous if you step back and look at it. 


--- Quote from: Biggs3535 on December 08, 2012, 10:49:16 PM ---14 pages now because PeanutButterCheeseBoy doesn't want to be argumentative.

Kinda like he only comes here when he's "bored".


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You sure are an angry little fella.  I guess that explains the suspensions and . . . well . .  . maybe why you only make comments like this down here in the dungeon.  Maybe you sense another suspension coming Buggsy?


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