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Please help. want to buy two tickets for my cousin in tampa

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Brandon: [5:29:58 PM] Hello Michael! My name is Brandon Golden. You can also reach me at my desk at 813-870-2700 Ext. 2534. How Can I help you?
Michael: [5:29:58 PM] Hello, i want to buy two tickets for my cousin in Tampa. i live in germany. is sending by email possible
Brandon: [5:30:28 PM] Michael, how many games will you be attending?
Michael: [5:30:55 PM] i will buy for the falcons game
Brandon: [5:31:08 PM] And you only want 2 seats correct?
Michael: [5:31:35 PM] yes
Brandon: [5:32:12 PM] I'd love to help you but, we don't sell individual tickets unless its a group of 10 or more. Who else do you know that might like to come?
Michael: [5:33:56 PM] type it again please, i must buy 10 tickets, to make a gift for my cousin?

This was the chat today.
is it a joke that i must buy ten or more tickets to make a gift for my cousin?

I think the Bucs leave single game ticket sales to  The Bucs themselves only deal with group sales. 

But you are correct in that the Bucs ticket reps aren't that great at customer service.

I tried to get the tickets on ticketmaster first. There was written that only the cardholder can retrieve the ticket. I thought that my cousin cannot get the ticket without me in person.
But now i ordered the ticket and sent with email direkt from ticketmaster to his emailadress.
hope he will see a good game.

LOL Germans

Buc on the Move:
Your cousin sounds like a pretty fortunate guy to be getting such a nice gift from across the water.  Hopefully he gets to watch the Buccaners drown some Kittens!


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