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3rd String Kicker

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#30 : November 19, 2012, 01:27:20 PM

Quote from: RomanG18
Luke getting his (butt) kicked

Quote from: Dilla
This team looks like the the Bucs last year under Morris, everyone has quit on the coaching staff
(After the Bucs built a 10-0 lead)

Quote from: MadHatter
Love how everyone is comparing Cam to Freeman's performance today.  Freemen has been avg at best for his career.
(After Captain Munnerlyn's Pick 6)

Quote from: jasonluckydog
the tide has turned..... (After the Panthers got a pick 6)

Quote from: UNCRules2187
Glad we're up, I refused to believe Josh Fatman was going to sweep us. (Panthers took lead 14-10)

Quote from: Makish
CLOSE YOUR LEGS FRANK (When Josh Freeman threw the ball nearly between a player's legs)

Quote from: CLTPanther
Good god, Cam has 0.2 seconds to throw

Quote from: CPF4LIFE

Quote from: Daddy Uncle
Freeman is dog poo. Can't believe Buc fans and ESPN people really think he is better than Cam. (After Freeman threw his 2nd pick)

Quote from: JTgreensboro
Why can't old ass Ronde retire already?  Tired of seeing him in our division.

Quote from: Daddy Uncle
ahahahahah I don't think Cam will be asking Freeman for advice ever

Quote from: Rico6
Freeman is horrible

Quote from: Panthers Fans on Martin TD/Fumble
"That's a TD but maybe we'll get lucky"
"TD, he was in with ball"
"That will be a TD I think"
"That's a fumble"
"That one is close, but its probably a td."
"Panthers are lucky.  He was clearly one foot across line when he fumbled"

Quote from: Roman18
Thank you Line Judge for getting in the way of the camera

When the Panthers took a 21-10 lead, fans said the following...
Quote from: Fox007
Fox 007, "Hell yea that's it folks!"
Quote from: TB_Buc
Congrats Panthers, this Buc has seen enough to know this is your game today.
Quote from: HardcoreDefense
I'm wondering where all those Buc fans are who were talking $hit last game
Quote from: Brooklyn BUlly
Pad dem stats.

Quote from: DavidsonDeac
Well, guess I was wrong.  :) Great catch :) That should win the game. (On L. Murphy's 3rd down reception late)

After Vincent Jackson Scores to to bring the game to 2 points.
Quote from: TheRed
I am baffled.
Quote from: TheGreatestOfAllTimeCam
I'm speechless man
Quote from: Daddy Uncle
are you **CENSORED** kidding me. Panthers luck right there
Quote from: stirs
Quote from: Carolina Fan
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i wish one weekt he refs would be on our side. (As if hoping Bucs would get screwed out of this call)
Quote from: beaston
fire these refs
Quote from: beaston
fug this poo. we was screwed. late call and it was a no catch

After Bucs tied game on 2 point conversion
Quote from: pstall
Total suck
Quote from: ickmule
Screw this whole team from top to bottom. That's the game.
Quote from: TheRed
Quote from: BigDaddy
Only us
Quote from: KillerKat
Martin still sucks
Quote from: tgrfan01
its laughable now...tb with no time outs.we could have gained a couple of first downs and ran out the clock.but nope as usual.give me a bag
Quote from: pstall
Even chris myers is dogging us
Quote from: CarolinaAPF
Thanks refs, bogus call on TD fugged us.
Quote from: Your Mom's Lover
We get to see how much heart this team really has in this OT... How bad they want this win .

Quote from: pstall
Please fumble tampa

Quote from: jasonluckydog
I hate football

Dallas Clark ends the Game
Quote from: Fox007
Quote from: CarolinaPF
Fug this team...I'm done....
Quote from: pstall
totally worthless and disgusting. 17 pts in a few mins. Out coached by a rookie coach again
Quote from: TheRed
This one is going to haunt me for a long long time.
Quote from: clicheking
Quote from: TheMaulClaw
What a **CENSORED** excuse for a franchise.  I'm almost done with the NFL. They can move if they want.  fug it.
Quote from: letha
well we know that the bucs were the better team...they did not play they best game but it was enough to beat us


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#31 : November 19, 2012, 01:43:39 PM



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#32 : November 19, 2012, 01:51:10 PM

That's good stuff 3sk !!

3rd String Kicker

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#33 : November 19, 2012, 01:53:34 PM

You have to read it from top to bottom first, it's chronological from when the game started to end. Very funny. My eyebrow went up on the Vincent Jackson TD comment, I guess they had doubt he caught? Didn't even realize it was close. Did anyone get a second look, I was too busy making donuts in my front yard with mid-sized fuel economical sedan.


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#34 : November 19, 2012, 03:05:13 PM

Hahaha. God I'm glad I'm not a Panthers fan. Can you imagine how god awful that would be?

How soon you forget.   Just think back to the Bucs last year.    How did you feel at that time?    That's how you can imagine how god awful it would be.

Yeah but you knew what the problem was with the Bucs (Raheem).

Not sure anyone knows what's wrong with Carolina.
  GM sucks Rivera on the hot seat.   No good WR Smith is old. Running game is no threat anymore..    Defense some problems as well..

Bucs-Lightning already World Champions. Rays Next!!!


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#35 : November 19, 2012, 06:01:22 PM

beginning of the game.....lots of open seats

I was at the game and MOST of the Panther fans that I talked to were there because someone gave them tickets or were season ticket holders.  All in all the fans were pretty cool and most were just hoping the Panthers would just keep it close.

Newspaper said 72k attendance. What a lie.

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