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The unofficial "I'm not waiting, its Buc v Falcon" week thread!!

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Bucs N Beers:

--- Quote from: chace1986 on November 24, 2012, 01:51:58 AM ---The Bucs are a popular pick amongst the "experts" and analysts this week. Interesting.

--- End quote ---

They are a popular pick this week. They better win or at least make a really good game out of it.  People picking you to beat the #1 team in the land (by record), it you lay an egg the fickle media could turn their backs.

Anyone heard if Spoon is going to play today for the Falcons?  It would be a big hit to there run D if he was still out. 

Bucs N Beers:
Last I heard he was expected to play today.

Apparently Eric LeGrand will be at the game today as well...good vibes all around....come on Bucs!

Go Bucs!! Send the Birds home cryin to their mommies!!


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