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Maryland, Rutgers to Big Ten

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Big Ten gets a decent basketball team in Maryland. Rutgers is meh, but w/e.

why is maryland doing this?

dark uncle:
more money supposedly.  Big 10 has a better contract maybe?  Geez, for one of the founding members of the ACC to leave is rather surprising.  Maybe they wanted an easier football schedule?

this move makes no sense for either side. maryland is broke as hell and wants to get the better contract in the big 10 but they have to pay the 50mil exit fee that they cant afford. maryland rutgers also dont fit the profile of Big Ten schools. makes no sense to me at all

i say peace out maryland. they brought nothing to table in the acc anyway. decent basketball, crap football, not a big following.

just hope FSU gets the hell out now. this conference is getting worse by the day. they are talking about adding UCONN, blech talk about another loser addition. basketball goes up, football goes down and FSU continues to suffer for it. i want john swofford's family to die for all his sins. he is the worst league commissioner ive ever seen

I thought the Big 10 wanted to compete with the Big Boy conferences?  This isn't how you do it.


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