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Vincent Jackson's day off at his new pad

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VJax is most certainly a good influence on Mike Will and others on the team. It's refreshing to see an athlete as talented as him, enjoying his home, family, and not dealing with the drama of being out in clubs / bars.

Sign him for life Bucs!

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Chargers Receiver Vincent Jackson Suspended After DUI Conviction
Jul 1, 2010

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2010 dude.

Really likeable guy, and he helps to make this offense prolific. What a nab he was.

I thought we had to worry that they didn't get along anymore. I mean they don't sit next to each other like they use to right? What a pile of garbage reporting that was. Suggesting the two are on some sort of falling out because they aren't sitting hip to hip for every meeting.


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Vincent Jackson's day off at his new pad, presented by Samsung

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Thanks for posting. V-jax seems to be a down-to-earth, humble guy.  Good guy to represent the team.

We don't need no thugs.

Speaking of the WRs, after the game Sunday, I thought it was hilarious the way PJ Fleck was hopping around like a 12yr old girl at a Bieber concert


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