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Philadelphia Game Sold out, Ticket rep "feels good" about Falcons this week

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I just got back from getting my tickets for this weekends game. The ticket rep offered me a package which consists of tickets for the last three home games, and wherever you sit for whatever price, they will upgrade you to the club level for the Eagle's game. He prefaced the offer by saying they are announcing a SELL OUT for the Superbowl Celebration against the Eagles. This isn't all that surprising since it is a special event, but I figured it was worth posting.

Also, when I asked him how it was looking for the game being on TV this weekend, he said that he "feels good" about it. I was not really able to decipher whether he was serious, or whether they are just supposed to say that. However, I had to buy a $40 ticket because the $30 and $35 tickets are all sold out, which was not the case two weeks ago when I bought tickets to the Chargers game.

thanks atleast for being a good fan and going and supporting your team. We need you out there on sunday


--- Quote from: barbernbrooks on November 21, 2012, 02:19:43 PM ---thanks atleast for being a good fan and going and supporting your team. We need you out there on sunday

--- End quote ---

Wasn't originally planning to go, because we just went to the Chargers game, but we couldn't miss this game!! I am still scarred from going to the throwback game against Atlanta in 2010. I have never been so pissed/depressed after a football game (I am only 20).


Let's hope Ray Jay is filled with  mostly Bucs fans on Sunday and they can cause a few false starts.

Those club seats aren't cheap. The Glazers offered me a free upgrade from nosebleeds to clubs, and I took them up on it for the 2011 season. It's a good move on their part since the seats are open anyway and it looks bad on TV when the crowd looks sparse.  The air conditioning, jazz band, and comfortable seating in the club are a nice touch, especially during hot Sept/October.


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