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Game VS Falcons Officially Blacked-Out

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It just doesn't seem possible. It has to be the economy.

They are riding a win streak, and for the first time ever the Bucs have a good offense. The fairweather gods should be impressed...But they aren't...

...And WTH doesn't the Glazers buy up seats for a couple of games? Losing a lot of good media time in the main selling radius.


As long as the place gets filled by game time, that's what matters most. Hope there's a great walk up crowd. StubHub has 2500 tickets and lots of cheap ones between $35-$45. Plus, of course, the ones on TM.

I think the biggest downside to all of these blackouts is the fact that the Bucs probably won't be gaining any new future fans.  You can't become a fan of a team if you can't watch them on tv. 


Doesn't effect me, I bought my tickets for this game. Can't wait.


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