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Super Selmon:

--- Quote from: youngone on November 24, 2012, 01:38:50 AM ---Re-sign him now

--- End quote ---

I think he is a solid DE not a superstar, with DaQuan back, Daniel looking like a solid rotational player and Adrain coming back next year from injury.

I know we can never have to many quality DEs.

But we are carrying  three on the practice squad including Markus White,  the highest paid practice squad player in the league. We must see some potential there, I know I do.

So what is a fair dollar amount to pay Michael and how many years would you sign him for?

I smell a tag for Michael next year to see what we have in DE depth.

The Anti-Java:
The team has plenty of cap room, I think they resign him after the season.  I think they resign Freeman too, and don't let him go into his contract year unsigned.


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