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Dolorous Jason:
This is what a year's worth of bragging rights looks like.   :P

wow way to act like youve been there. i could post pics from the last couple years if youd like. congrats on the win you guys earned it

yeah, id like to talk trash to some FSU fans but most dont deserve it.

although, whats runoles take on the game?  i would like to hear that...

runole is in no way a representation of the fanbase. hes one of those deranged harvey updyke fringe fanbase type people

gametime you really dont want to actually hear one of his looney rants do you?

dark uncle:
UF beat us fair and square.  Had the better lines and showed what playing against the SEC every week does for the competitive nature of the team.  Jimbo has us on the right track, we are much better off than the last few Bowden years. It now remains to be seen if we can hatch a QB to replace EJ and find a running game worth a darn when NOT facing an overmatched D-II team.

Congrats to the Gators. The rivalry is still alive even if most of the nation doesn't care.


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