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you guys really trust jimbo?  he might be y'alls ron zook imo.  great recruiter, just cant put it all together.  he wasted a ton of talent at LSU if i remember correctly.

but for some good natured ribbing...would you guys be excited for a FSU-Kent St Orange Bowl?

Dolorous Jason:

dark uncle:
Do I trust him?  Are you asking if he can deliver the goods as a coach or if I think he will stay?

as far as his performance, he is better than what we had and is recruiting very well. Consistency of the product on the field is suspect at times, but I think part of that is the fact that you are dealing with kids.  I wish he would stop calling plays and focus on the players like Meyer does at Ohio State and let the coordinators call the games. 

I think we are more likely to lose Stoops before Fisher. Stoops took a pathetic FSU "D" and made it very good, just not great. I think he will get some consideration due to name recognition and the job he did at FSU. I have no illusions about FSU being a top-tier coaching destination, so at some point some bigger name program will poach Fisher, I just hope it isn't for a couple more years.

I was at the game and it was a very disappointing loss.  Down 13-3 at the half I actually still felt decent because we probably could have been down by 3 tds.  Coming out of halftime you could sort of sense something was going to happen because UF let us hang around despite controlling the 1st half.  When we rallied and took a 20-13 lead i thought we had them.  Man, Doak was loud then. But sadly, we turned the ball over too many times against a good football team.  This game will haunt EJ Manuel for years. 

Next year will be tough.  We lose a bunch of starters on defense, perhaps our DC too and we'll also have a new starting QB.  We'll have to play at Clemson and UF next year too.  This was our shot.  Sigh.........Hopefully we can recover from this loss and take care of business in the ACC title game and then the bowl game.   

FSU isn't a top-tier coaching destination?  ouch


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