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"Creepy (Surveillance) Camera Man"


I love checking out the reactions from people when they are confronted w/ something that's out of their element.

Especially in a post 9/11 world.

"Call 911!"  (LOL)

This guy calls himself the "Surveillance Camera Man" aka "The Creepy Camera Man"
(There are two other parts to this on YT.)

"People have come to accept surveillance cameras as a part of everyday life. But what happens when someone is carrying the surveillance camera instead?
That’s the question raised by a series of online videos in which an unidentified man takes a camera around Seattle and other parts of Washington state, walking up to people and recording them for no apparent reason other than to make a point: How is what he’s doing different than those stationary surveillance cameras tucked away in buildings and public places?
He has been called the “Creepy Cameraman,” and for good reason. It’s clearly more than a little unsettling for the subjects of his surveillance. Just check out the angry reactions in these videos.

It’s not clear who the person is, or what type of camera he’s using, but technology author and blogger Brian S. Hall makes the point that this could be a preview of our future, with technology such as Google’s Project Glass making cameras and recording devices even more pervasive in our daily lives.
What do you think about that concern, and the Creepy Cameraman’s tactics? Here are a couple more videos. If anyone has more information or background on this, drop us a note at".

These are the other two parts.

You having fun playing by yourself?


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