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U.S. economy growing faster than forecast

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Is this what Romney was going to take credit for had he been elected.....?


The U.S. economy got an early holiday gift Thursday when the U.S. Commerce Department announced that growth in the third quarter was 2.7 percent, topping a previous forecast.

While the latest economic snapshot is good news for Americans, it raises the heat on Congress and President Barack Obama to reach a deal to avoid taking the nation off the so-called "fiscal cliff," a package of mandated government spending cuts and expiring tax breaks scheduled to take effect in January. That could throw the economy in reverse just as it appears to be gaining speed.

The new GDP figures are an update of the agency's estimate last month of 2 percent growth in the July-to-September period. The revised numbers, which are adjusted seasonally, offer a more accurate picture of growth than the government's initial forecast. The economy grew 1.9 percent and 1.3 percent, respectively, in the first and second quarters.

wreck ship:
You better believe he would have takin credit because Hannity and Rusty Limbo would have given it to him 24/7

Hows about you post the rest of the article??

The Bernake election bump.   

Yeah but where are the jobs? People dont care if the economy grows at 1.2% or 2.7%. What people care about is jobs at a livable wage. The only jobs being created now in America are low-wage service jobs that Obama claims as "job growth."


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