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wreck ship

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: December 02, 2012, 03:19:56 PM

-Playoffs!? Playoffs!? ???  "You-play-to-win-the-game! >:(
Oh how the mighty have fallin. Just 2 weeks ago, the bucs were the hottest team in the league led by the greatest offense on grass, and now they are but a mere road bump on the road to Mannings MVP/Come back POY. I happen to think something as simple as better tackling is the only thing this team needs to have a chance today. Even still, Manning will make two throws that will keep the momentum in the home teams favor. Last week it was Ryan to Julio and that was at RJS. This week is on the road, in one of the toughest places to play, against one of the best big headed qb's ever. I know, I know, any given sunday but...

-John Fox and the Broncos run the ball. The Bucs like to stop the run and are pissed off after last week. This leaves playaction Manning and his ability to strike to and from anywhere on the field against a biting, young, overaggressive defense. Ouch.

-The Bucs have been waay to aggressive with the defensive playcalling all year. Instead of attacking offenses straight up, the Bucs try to disguise their defenses with dline stunts, zone blitzes, and all out blitzes all while leaving our cb's in man coverage with little to no safety help. It's confusing too watch so I can only imagine how our rookie pass defense is adjusting. Which brings me to point 2...

- Oh how I miss the Tampa 2 and that great pass rush. When you look at Tony Dungy's teams and even Lovie Smith's Bears, you see a well coached, elite dline, and a bend but don't break Tampa 2 pass defense. Pretty simple but a lot of focus on attention to detail and little turnover in personel. The only silver lining in our weak defensive perfomance is the lack of experience and Bowers and Clayton on the dline. I hope we see all our starters healthy next year on defense but more than anything, I hope we stop giving up huge 3rd downs/td's because of aggressive playcalling.

- This team will only go as far as Freeman takes them and Freemans success depends on his pocket and that my friend is where the problem lies. The Bucs face the best dlines in the league this last stretch of the season and the Bucs are hurting on the oline. It is up to Freeman and the coaching staff to make the adjustments to overcome the olines shortcomings. The Broncos/Bucs matchup will provide a good example of how a great qb adjust to the pressure and how a young gunslinger relies on himself to "make it happen."

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