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--- Quote from: Jack Rabbit Slim on December 03, 2012, 07:50:34 AM ---
--- Quote from: chace1986 on December 03, 2012, 07:48:59 AM ---I pretty much agree with everything....but IMO, we weren't really "in" that game yesterday. It was pretty much over once they hit the FG with 8ish minutes to go. They dominated every aspect of the game. I'm not too discouraged about the loss though, because they might be the hottest team in the league and have one of the best QBs of all time at their command.

--- End quote ---

I agree,  they did make it interesting though, hypothetically we get the ball back on the on-side kick and its a brand new ball game with 2:30 to go.

also, our secondary vs Manning, i will go with Manning any day.

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Yesterday's game is probably the only game from this year where I look back and think that it wasn't as close as what the scoreboard showed at the end.

..but to your overall point, I do like that they have been competitive and are actually playing for the postseason in December.

Agree with most of this thread.

Yesterday's game got out of hand though. But, with 2:00 minutes remaining we were only down 8.

To me it just means they are a few things away from winning these games. The coaching needs to be a little better, the players need to execute better, and the talent needs to be a little better. Theres not much that separates a great team to a good team right now. This team will get there if they make the necessary adjustments. Add a little more talent (hopefully a pass rush), Schiano changes the scheme up a little, and everything else stays together then I think they can be a very very hard team to beat. Its close guys. That has this buc fan excited but a little nervous about them upgrading those things. They gotta make it happen or we will see a lot of the same.

I know the pass defense has drawn most of the attention, but a solid OL would have won several of those games. I'm not convinced Penn, Zuttah, and Dotson should be starters. Three 3 and outs is pathetic. Manning had great protection and it showed. Freeman was constantly pressured. That has to change. Schiano has done an amazing job this year and next year will be even better.

1sparkybuc, I am repeating myself but I just feel that Bob Bostad has some big changes coming in the off season. With jewels like Freeman and Martin, plus Jackson & Williams to throw to, I see a whole lot of activity by him, this year and next. I honestly expect to seee a whole new line in here, except Nicks, in two years. Bostad inherited this bunch. Not sure they fit his profile.


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