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Eagles fired defensive line coach Jim Washburn this morning. I'd love to see Schinao bring is old ars aboard. The train wreck in Philly isn't on Jim. That guy is a great defensive line coach. He could really help our young struggling defensive linemen improve their pass rush.

Just reading how an unnamed source in the Eagles camp said Washburn had become a cancer! Lol. First their o-line coach Castio, then Babin, now it's Washburn? They sure have a lot of cancers in Philly. What a mess.

I'm guessing by "cancer" they mean calling out Fat Andy as being the problem and instead of admitting it throwing others under the bus.
Reid needs to send at least half his salary to the family of Jim Johnson because his repuation and all the success he's had as a head coach came thanks to Johnson & that defense he ran.

Yeah... I think Andy is really hurting his legacy by ending his time in Philly so ugly. It definitely appears he is pointing fingers and throwing everyone else under the bus in order to save his own ass. Best thing he could do is just admit that signed his own death certificate when he decided to go all in with Vick.

How about all those high paid FA signings that are doing nothing but collecting a check every week?


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