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so i was wandering since we been at both sides of the spectrum, which do you prefer watching a great defense with a horrible offense( ie the 90's) or what we have now great offense with a horrible defense ???? for me i have to say watching the great defense was so much better!! the stadium just use to come alive back then for that defense... it just kills me to watch this defense just get destroyed every week... if we ever could have combined the 2 90's D with todays O we would have been the greatest team of all time and won many superbowls.. just a decade apart lol   just curious what people think

I honestly don't know. It's rough watching anything that is 32nd ranked whether it's on offense or defense.

defense for me but im a buc fan thru and thru offense or defense win or lose


Love watching this run D. Add a few corners and improve the pass rush next year and this will take care of itself.

Chief Joseph:
Ain't nothin' gonna "take care of itself" until we get a fiery leader on D. This is one of the most passive defenses I've ever seen. Tacklers stop and wait for the backs and receivers to come to them. Ronde is one of my all-time favorite Bucs, but let's face it, nowadays he plays like Dieon Sanders without the speed or coverage ability.


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