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GAMEDAY THREAD: Philadelphia Eagles @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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3rd String Kicker:

It's a 10 Year Anniversary of the Super Bowl Winning Season. Old Players and the coach himself, Jon Gruden will be on hand.

Game Details:
Kickoff: 1:00PM
Broadcast: FOX (Unless Blacked Out)
Weather: Slight chance of showers, Highs near 80s.*

Good Times
Beat them in the last game at Veteran's stadium. -- Check. --
Beat them in the first game in their new stadium. -- Check. --
Beat them so bad they fire Head Coach Andy Reid. -- In-Progress. --

An official gameday thread!!

Been waiting for this game all year. Hope the see, in person, the "in progrees" become a "check".

Bucsfan x:
We should forfeit the game to get a better draft pick.

3rd String Kicker:

--- Quote from: Bucsfan x ---We should forfeit the game to get a better draft pick.
--- End quote ---

If we could only win one more game this season, I hope it's this one.

Uncle Stan:
Why is this not on the Insider Board?????

3rd String Kicker:
Just put one up on the Insider Board as well.


--- Quote from: Uncle Stan on December 04, 2012, 01:22:45 PM ---Why is this not on the Insider Board?????

--- End quote ---

Good question.  It's sure to be "rocking".

Was hoping to see Vick again, but guess watching the Bucs beat up on their backup QB will be okay. Wonder how many Eagles' fans will be at RayJay  with their team in the NFC East cellar.

Bucs N Beers:
There was a time when playing against a rookie QB meant the Bucs D was going to eat him alive. I'm hoping to see some solid D this weekend. I'm sure the run game can get shut down, though Brown has been impressive - but Foles does throw a nice deep ball. Gotta keep Foles deep threat in check. It would be painful to see a rookie QB dropping bombs all day. But against this secondary it is definitely possible.

3rd String Kicker:
Wasn't Teo'Nesham an Eagle once upon a time?


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