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Criticism over NY Post publishing picture of man about to get hit by a train

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Although the headline was sensational, the photo has news value, Cooper said, because “it makes us think how we treat others and what our toleration of violence is.”

“If we live in a society where people are pushed to death in a subway over a silly argument, then I am in favor of documenting that and showing that in all the horror that it is,” he said. “Journalists do not shy away from depicting horror because there is horror.”

Some journalists took a different view on Twitter. On Tuesday, the Poynter Institute published a post that provided a roundup of comments from journalists.

“Sickening rubber-necking front page from the New York Post. Imagine how this man's family feels,” Ian Prior, sports editor at the Guardian newspaper in London, tweeted.

“that NY Post cover doesn't seem necessary at all...” Charlie Warzel, a digital media reporter for Adweek magazine, tweeted.,0,2844391.story

The guy who actually took the time to take that photo rather than run over and try to help the guy should be arrested for being an accomplice to murder.

Yankee rubber necking BS*.


--- Quote from: tripblood on December 05, 2012, 12:06:01 PM ---Yankee rubber necking B.S*.

--- End quote ---

Yankee?   Is that the word you use for Asian people?   That was an Asian man.

3rd String Kicker:

--- Quote from: JavaRay ---Yankee?   Is that the word you use for Asian people?   That was an Asian man.
--- End quote ---
Yankee is traditionally a term reserved for people who reside in New York/New Jersey area although I've seen it referenced for people just in the Northern states. Also, in some countries, anyone from the United States of America are referred to as Yankees as slang. The gentlemen in this picture was from Queens, N.Y. according to the article.


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