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Eagles A Must Win

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I have not seen any threads on the eagles game this week. I could have missed some but the mood seems pretty low key. I hope that we aren't looking at this like a walk in the park.

To tell you the truth, this game scares me a bit. Sure the Eagles are in shambles but their game against the Cowboys showed me that they can still bring it.

If we do not seriously test that secondary, the coaches need to be called on the carpet. EVERYONE that has played them lately has consistently pounded that secondary.

Also we need to stop Brown because he is legit and Foles doesn't look bad. If Brown gets some space, he can go. I really think that we need to come with an A game, no playing around.

A lost to these guys would be the worst of the season, one that we may not recover from here on out.

I think every game from here on out is a must win if we have hopes to make the playoffs.

In other news, "Sun expected to rise in east".

Bucsfan x:
Every game is a must win... What's your point?

"Eagles A Must Win"



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