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Schiano's Timeout Hurt

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You don't ever, unless the defense is so tired they can't stand up, give an offense time to regroup. That's what a playclock is for.

It's one rule that is still in place that is all on the offense. Basically, Schiano gave them time to get their playcall right. Bad call.

Schottenheimer wouldn't be making all these "rookie" mistakes.
We'd be a Playoff Team.


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--- Quote from: BaghdadJoe54 on December 09, 2012, 06:54:18 PM ---It's a tough spot.  Gerald McCoy was pissed when they called the TO.

I say call the timeout to make sure your guys are ready. It would have been worse if guy was wide open and Schiano had not called a TO with 3 remaining.

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Isn't that what happened anyway. He looked open to me, so how did the timeout work out?

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Man to man coverage on Maclin by an undrafted free agent happened.  The two yard line is tough because running the ball became an option.  I thought it was a great call by the Eagles considering we had been beat by quick slants in the last couple games.

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That great call was from the Eagles thinking about it during the timeout, you can bank on that. It will be interesting to see what Andy Reid says about that.

I agree.  Several coaching miscues in my opinion and the team looked generally lost overall at times today.   The too many men on the field penalty when they were trying to spike the ball really pissed me off

I think the OP is presuming the Buc knew what they wanted to do on D. I would think all things equal you would rather go with prepared D against prepared O, but I certainly get the point that it relieved immediate pressure


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