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Anyone that's read my posts knows how i feel about Gruden. Happy as hell when we got him, happier when he left. But i'd like to know if any of you posters were in attendance today and boo'd the man. That was embarrassing, imo.

Wait...some people booed ANY of the players or coaches that came out of the tunnel?  Keyshawn and McCardell were both **CENSORED**s, Kiffin left us high and dry in 08, etc. etc.  But they were there to celebrate the Super Bowl.  If you booed at any point during that ceremony, you should be banned from Raymond James.

Key was the first to get boo'd and then when Gru came out with the Lombardi, the chorus started again. Chace looked at me and said "are you kidding me?"

STAY CLASSY TAMPA......shaking my head

Are we sure that they weren't saying Gruuuu or something like that?  I refuse to believe anyone is stupid enough to boo during the Super Bowl ceremony.  That's completely mind-boggling.


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