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: December 17, 2012, 01:31:58 PM

1.  Josh Freeman is immature and frankly I'll prepared to lead.  He rarely ever pump fakes to move the defense and yet complains about receivers not getting open. It's his fault. If the play called sucks, then call an audible. His footwork and ability to create a throwing lane are substandard of better qb's. I am routinely uninspired by his lack of touch on intermediate and short passes. He routinely overthrows wide open receivers. His ball location is horrid on easy throws and he destroys drives by making players dive for a ball when they have 20 yards ahead of them. Leaders shut up and play. He is dividing this team by his histrionics. He is not Dan Marino. You can't even carry his jock. Potential wont get you a contract. Oh, so we are clear....his up and down play is suitable for holding a clipboard.

2.  His 'weight loss' raises so many questions. How do you explain that?  He looks like he is on cocaine to the intelligent coach. Have They drug tested him?  You be the judge. The talk has been he likes to party since he got here, so maybe he will be a guy like Chris Carter. He may need to come clean to get there. His behavior now is raising eyebrows.

3.  We have no decent corners on the field at the moment. Eric Wright is doing the prescription cocaine Adderall. They snort it in the hood in place of coke. It's a huge problem. Talib was sent packing for a reason. He isn't using coke anymore....

4. The Oline is doing ok but not excelling losing its two best components. Not shocking, but get real if you think backups are better than 2 all pros.

5. We. Have two solid wr's in Williams and Jackson. Underwood is a slot guy who has concentration issues. Our team is not really football smart and this starts at the qb position   Lack of football intelligence catches up against better teams.

6. Mark Barron is mailing it in the last several weeks. He played a little this week, but frankly he looks disinterested. He looks lost.

7.  Please stop calling for Ronde to be a corner. He is too slow, even for cover 2. He has exceptional football smarts and that has helped him play so long. He is a situational player now.

8.  Our. New linebacker David is smart and has great range but sucks in pass coverage. I still like Lavonte  David a lot.

9.  I don't think Freeman is gonna ever be more than our version of Joe Flacko and that is just not enough. He lacks toughness and is just too slow making his reads and shows little development.

10. The new head coach is a guy to stay with. We need some help in special teams kick coverage. Oh and the punter is likely getting a tired leg due to Josh Freeman killing drives with shoddy throws.

: December 17, 2012, 01:47:59 PM SCOUT
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