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ace sanders

Dolorous Jason:

--- Quote from: Detrimental on January 18, 2013, 09:53:19 PM ---Ace Sanders decided to declare today. If no Tavon Austin or Bailey, I would LOVE to settle for Ace in the 4th round. Elite KR/PR and will do wonders from the slot position.

--- End quote ---

He's the scariest kick returner I've seen in years. That kick return against Missouri was just sick.

Needs to develop as a WR , but I'd take him in a hearbeat .

Robert Alford was impressive at the senior bowl. might be worth a look in the 4th. im not usually a fan of small school kids but he was impressive.

As much as I like Sheldon, I can't see us taking him at #13 unless we plan on moving McCoy to nose tackle. Sheldon is a clear cut 3 tech that struggles with taking on double teams as a nose tackle. Good player, but doesn't seem like a good fit for us.

Jonathan Cyprien, DJ Swearinger, and Phillip Thomas. Don't know who I like the best out of these safeties but I would love to get one.

Though Cyprien is probably better fit at SS.


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