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Worth a look in the 3rd?

Ducks have a few prospects,Long ol, Jordan DE,Alonso slb..John Boyett a nice hard hitting S with range, missed the year with injury, but should get drafted..Barner who I really like

off topic how long before Schiano brings in his buddy from Rutgers John Mcnulty  now that Cards fired whole O staff, he did want him last year as OC but Cards blocked the move

wouldnt mind spending a late pick on Long. barner is also a guy id look at later on if johnathan franklin is gone

everyone is high on Dion jordan but im not impressed with his fit on this team. he has more of the look of a 3-4 olb. i dont want a guy that isnt a good scheme fit, id rather have a guy like khaseem green than jordan, not to mention wed have to spend a 1st to get jordan when we need to use it for a DB

Boyett is interesting but id rather have lamarcus joyner from FSu if we are going to spend a later pick on a short safety. at least joyner has a clean medical record

nice thing is as Buc fans,the strength of draft is in positions Bucs need to upgrade .. there will also be guys from last years  draft who will see time next year..Tandy being one, been grooming him at S...M Smith another he will be a nice change up to Martin

watcing the Rose Bowl now. keep an eye on david yankey Tackle for stanford, i believe hes the left tackle. should be a very impressive player and most likely will come out next year

alec Olgetree very under rated backer, I think he goes top 15, tremendous quickness and cover skills, not much of a blitzer but not asked to be

ogletree is outstanding. im expecting the bears or steelers to pick him up. hed fit VERY well in their defences

if we want a FB look at lonnie pryor from FSU in the 6th or so. just had a 60yard run for a td and catches extremely well. not a true fullback but a great combo guy. great blocker and catches well out of the backfield

25 players I really like, and think have really nice NFL careers

Jamie Collins
Alec Olgetree
Sheldon Richardson
Dion Jordan
Corraddel Patterson
Da Rick Rogers
Jonhathan Cooper
DJ Sweringer
X Rhodes
Sylvester Williams
Oday Aboushi
Jake Matthews
Zac Ertz
Bjorn werner
Gavin Escobar
Jordan Poyer
Eric Reid
Kaseem Green
Kevin Minter
Shariff Flyod
Logan Ryan

Can we turn in our pick for 2014? Pull a Ditka, trade all of our picks for Clowney and then go golfing.

Luke Marquardt OT Asuza Pacific University - I've only been able to read about him (strangely APU games must be blacked out in my market), but he's 6'8" 310 lbs and supposedly very athletic with good character.  He's inexperienced (converted from TE), but his position coach is Jackie Slater, a Hall of Fame lineman.  May be worth a 6th or 7th to develop under Coach Bostad.


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