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The NFL's 5 Worst Coaches Of 2012

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The NFL's 5 Worst Coaches Of 2012

By Joshua McFalls

December 29, 2012 8:13 am

Head coaches in the NFL have hard jobs. They are brought in to help out a team, make unity among the players and start winning games. We all know who the obvious top coaches are in the NFL but what about the ones at the bottom of the barrel?

How do these coaches stack up against everyone else? The following five coaches have failed in their attempts to steer their respective teams in the direction they want to go. As a result most of these teams will be in rebuilding mode in the offseason.

Without further ado, here are the five worst coaches in the NFL.

Rex Ryan (New York Jets)

Let's not even bring Tim Tebow into this conversation (too late). Rex Ryan in his first two years as coach of the Jets prepped a team in unity and skill that led them to an impressive two straight AFC Championship games back-to-back seasons. Lately though Ryan has lost control of his players in the locker room, doesn't know what to do at the quarterback position, and overall has a nasty attitude towards life. With missing the postseason this year, the Jets front office needs to take a long hard look at whether Ryan should stay or not

Andy Reid (Philidelphia Eagles)

For being the longest tenured coach in the NFL one would think Andy Reid would have brought more success to the Eagles. With only one Super Bowl appearance and many seasons of missing the playoffs, Reid is most likely gone after this season. He doesn't show the kahunas to make the tough decisions. All he did was sign Michael Vick to a deal and now is regretting it with Nick Foles at quarterback. Another disappointing season for Philly and Reid comes in at number two.

Greg Schiano (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

The Buccaneers were once in playoff contention this season. They slowly faded out of that. Don't put the blame on Josh Freeman or Doug Martin. They're still producing. Schiano has been known as a bit of a jerk around the locker room and his blitz on a knee down doesn't exactly help his cause. With all the talent the Bucs have, this one falls squarely on Schiano's shoulders.

Lovie Smith (Chicago Bears)

After being with the Bears for over six years Lovie Smith has not accomplished very much. With only one Super Bowl appearance to his name Smith has lost control of his team. After starting the year 7-1 and taking the NFC by surprise they are on the brink of the playoffs, needing help from the Packers. Chalk this up to another bad coaching year.

Mike Mularkey (Jacksonville Jaguars)

The 2-13 record not withstanding, the Jaguars have had a poor season. Mike Mularkey has not had an impact on the team at all. Other than replacing Blaine Gabbert with Chad Henne, the Jaguars have not won games that were winnable. It's not a lack of playmakers. Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts are making their prescence known. Mularkey just doesn't know how to get a grip on the locker room and inspire his players to perform better as a whole.

Wow.  Those are some harsh words about Schiano.

I'm not saying anything about coach but that loses all credibility when it says Freeman is still producing, no matter what side of the love/hate line you fall NOBODY can say Josh is still producing.
Dougie has dropped off big time too.

With the Dbs as bad as they are, injuries, and the fact its a very young team, it's not all schiano's fault.

More like 65% his fault. To be this bad in the last two games takes some work from other people, but with schiano being a rookie HC, plenty of blame can and will be thrown his way.

The author of that article is a fool


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