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Just want to thank my TEAM for helping me grow as a person and allowing me to mature this year as a fan.  The expectations for this year were not great, the disappointment level has remained consistent and
I feel like there is hope for a future. This team coalesced into a one man fighting force and I for one am happy with the way the season played out....great effort week in week out, I think Freeman showed a lot
of maturity and the level of leadership he displays is reflected in the team asthey beam with pride over our Franchise QB......THANKS FOR A GREAT SEASON.....THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT YEAR............................   

In my opinion, this was one of the worst Buc seasons.   An improvement over the last 3, but bad.

I wouldnt expect anything less Java

You can say whatever you want. October the the most exciting month of non 2002 Buc Football.

    Let's see; on the DL, we lost Price, Claiborne, and Okoye early-on. And Bowers was extremly limited all season. With very little gametime for us recorded by Talib, Wright, and Gaitor, arguably our best 3 CBs, it's amazing we weren't much worse in pass D. Been sayin' for a while if we come up with a stud DT next season and get Claiborne and Bowers totally healthy, our whole defense should get worlds better.
   And on offense, remember Nicks was NOT healthy even when he played early-on; he was never his dominant self...
   On the positive side this year is the number of young guys, like Leonard Johnson, who got significant PT and show promise for the future. This was very much a learning year for everyone, including the HC. I expect us to have another great draft and FA period next year!

I would like to thank Doug Martin, Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, Gerald McCoy, Michael Bennett, Lavonte David, and Ronde Barber.


Definitely enjoyed the middle part of the season.

Bucs N Beers:
It wasn't the best season ever, but there was definitely some great highlights.

To name my favorite 2:
1. Doug Martin running wild on the Raiders was jaw-dropping spectactar. Everyone in the media wanted a piece of Doug (all the muscle hamster reference stories did get old after a while).

2. The comeback against the Panthers was amazing. It was stunning. I thought my heart was going to explode. And when we got the ball in OT, everyone knew it was over.


--- Quote from: MUSCLE_HAMSTER on December 30, 2012, 12:06:53 PM ---I would like to thank Doug Martin, Vincent Jackson, Mike Williams, Gerald McCoy, Michael Bennett, Lavonte David, and Ronde Barber.

--- End quote ---

And thank you Bucs for the month of October!


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