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The Anomaly

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: December 30, 2012, 05:45:46 PM

That was a big win to stop the hemorraging.  Another long losing streak to end the season would have been a disaster.

So, disaster averted.  Time to look back on the season and assess.

Offense - Best in Buc history but horribly inconsistent.  Doug Martin and V Jax were stud pick ups.  They had one stretch that was amazing but up and down the rest of the year.  All in all I feel good about heading into next year with this group including Sully.  Definitely need another RB, TE, and 3rd WR.

Overall - B-

Defense - One of the worst in Bucs history.  This is a pass first league and we blitz constantly getting torched in the process.  That number one rushing D is a facade.  We had hardly any sacks.  The question is it the scheme or the players?  I'm going with the college scheme is the problem.  Bad blitzes, poor angles, poor player placement....just a complete failure on this side of the ball.  Mccoy getting a pro bowl nod shows you how great he played.  No one from this team should be allowed near the "pro" bowl besides him.  There seems to be some talent though it is used improperly.  Sheridan was a failure in NY and was a failure here.  I think he should be replaced and a competent DC hired.  Schiano needs to give up his D.  It doesn't work at a PROFESSIONAL level....IMHO.

Overall - F

Special Teams - They had a decent year for the most part.  Koenen's one short punt was costly but from week 1 through 17 they were consistent in all phases.  I'm sure people have some stronger criticisms than I for this part of the team but overall I am pleased.

Overall - B+

Head Coach - I am going to believe we are headed in the right direction.  Schiano made some ridiculous calls and was definitely learning on the job.  Well, that's over now.  Toes on the line was great for year one but now its time to start earning that check.  Anything less than 10-6 with our schedule next season and I will have some serious doubts moving forward into 2014.  Dom should also be on notice.

I'm not happy with 7-9 even though it is better than that garbage from last year.  We were 6-4 at one point though so 7-9 is deceiving.  You want to end a winning streak not vice versa.  Let's hope for a big 2013 because the playoffs should be EXPECTED!!!!!   

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