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ę : December 30, 2012, 09:44:42 PM Ľ

On Christmas Eve Schinao came to Freeman's defense stating that he did not think he was pressing. Well it turns out Freeman, disagrees with Schiano, and in fact was pressing to make things happen, with some type of Herculean effort, especially after the team began to become mired in a a funk after the offense exploding on the scene during a five week stretch.

Schiano Says Freeman Isn't Pressing
Is Freeman pressing?
ďI donít feel like heís pressing. I think heís an aggressive player who has skills and he wants to use them. As I said yesterday, itís such a fine line between being a great play and pressing or forcing and you donít ever want to get your quarterback afraid of saying, Iím going to put it in that window. Because now all of a sudden youíre a dud and we donít want that ever. We never want to take that out of a player. The game management comes with experience. And by that I mean knowing how the whole game is going. We can talk through it and say weíre playing good defense here, letís make sure, you practice dropping back and seeing the coverage and throwing the ball and that takes a lot of experience to know that oneís a close one, itís a tight game, we need it, Iím going to take it or weíre doing a great job, letís not take that one. That may sound easy but itís not easy. Itís sitting there on a platter for you and you have the skill to do it, but I donít think Josh is deficient in any of that in any way. He doesnít have enough years and reps to be really, really great at it yet. And you look at any quarterback who is in that phase right now where he is, in that 50-game areas, thatís where they start to really get it. Now in college you only have them for four years, but if you have a four-year starter, at the end of his junior year, the beginning of his senior year, they really start to get that. And Josh is getting it. He is. You can see him getting, heís got such a better understanding of the whole game. And I think as Iíve said many times over a long period of time, weíll get it all of a sudden. But it takes all those reps and all those opportunities because situations are so unique, because a quarterback begins to formulate his own philosophy, his own kind of how he feels it happening in the game. And it would be easy for me to say I think heís pressing, thatís why he threw four interceptions, but I donít. I think itís such a fine line. I look and I say, that one I wish we didnít throw. That one, Iím good with him throwing it. If they pick it off, letís get him on the ground and go play defense, because if he doesnít throw that one then you never get to see that one. And to me thatís a fine line you walk. The ones where you sit there and say, argghhh, those you donít throw.Ē

Freeman Pressing
Through some ďsoul searching,Ē he concluded he was trying too hard to make plays.

ďThe position of quarterback is such that when you try to play better and try to do things and play as well as you can, it doesnít always work out that way,Ē Freeman said Thursday. ďPoint blank, we just have to run the offense.

ďIf you look back at the stretch where we were so explosive, the stuff we were doing really wasnít anything out of the ordinary. We were just doing our stuff and guys were making plays. But we were letting the system create the plays. And you have to keep that in perspective because sometimes you feel like youíve got to go out and do something extraordinary, something above and beyond.Ē

ďYou have these big games, these huge numbers, and youíre scoring all these points, and you feel like to maintain that, to keep scoring those points and to one-up your previous performances, you have to go out and put together some sort of Herculean effort. But you really donít.

ďAll you have to do is run the offense and thatís kind of what weíve been preaching this week: ĎLetís get back to the basics and letís get back to the details, whether itís route running, progression, whatever it is for everybody. And doing that and us being ourselves, going out and just playing, itís good enough to win ballgames.íí

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Dude is doing something wrong, whether its in his head is debatable.  He gets rattled easily.  Seems to get hyped up, and throws a quick out 100 mph to a startled WR.  A wide open guy, and its 10 feet over his head or hitting his cleats.  I am pulling for him, but its getting tough.

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