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Official Mock Draft Thread (2013 Draft)

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--- Quote from: chace1986 on January 19, 2013, 10:35:25 AM ---dex, I'm thinking we will need a few more FSU players than that.


i can always add more  :D. i basically threw mccloud on there because i cant think of any other DTs in the 7th that ive actually seen. i do however think Pryor would be a good fit in this offense with his catching ability and the way he blocks could really get martin moving. Banks and rhodes are 1a 1b  to me so im good with either. i thought of adding a gator player in the 2nd but i doubt sharriff foyd is still there and we need corners in the worst way
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Dated: 19 Jan 2013

1. BYU DE Ezekiel Ansah
2. Rutgers CB Logan Ryan
3. West Virgina WR Stedman Bailey
4. Stanford RB Stepfan Taylor
4. Cincinnati TE Travis Kelce
5. Iowa CB Micah Hyde
6. Howard LB Keith Pough
7. FIU S Jonathan Cyprien

the CB depth in this draft picks up where DE starts to drop off. IMO taking a CB in the 2nd/4th is comparable to taking a pair in the 1st/3rd because this draft is loaded with CB's in the mid rounds...i could see dom trading back up into the 1st to get one of those "top-3" CB's though...but as of now, i'm on the 1st round DE train

round 1: ezekiel ansah - DE - BYU
round 2: will davis - CB - utah state
round 3: d.j. swearinger - FS - south carolina
round 4a: leon mcfadden - CB - san diego state
round 4b: levine toilolo - TE - stanford
round 5: ricky wagner - OT - wisconsin
round 6: josh boyce - WR - TCU
round 7: zac stacy - RB - vanderbilt


--- Quote from: JDouble on January 19, 2013, 08:00:37 AM ---1st - Xavier Rhodes CB

2nd - Stedman Bailey WR

3rd - Cornelius Carradine DE

4th -  Gavin Escobar TE

4th - Menelik Watson OT

5th - Dennis Johnson RB

6th - Brandon McGee CB

7th - Will Pericak DT

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Wow. Someone gotta compensate for lack of size somewhere else.

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