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2013 Tampa Bay Lightning

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Thank God they pulled their heads out in time to play a partial season. I'm ready for some Lightning hockey!

Me too. They should be a fun team to watch too. Im wondering how many players from Syracuse come up to play. They are continuing their dominance from last year. This team right now is set up for success but the future looks even better. Cant wait until the games start.

and me as well

Whats the NHL?

Beat it, troll.

Lived in Tampa for 2 years and I never met anyone who would classify themselves as a Lightning fan.

Im not into yankee sports

Man... This thread is a hit... PR's servers might overheat

People cant wait for hockey season to start

Not trying to be a jerk, but I didn't even know the NHL was on strike. I thought their season started in like February or March.

I only like one NHL team and that is the Lightning........and I really only root for them if they are in the playoffs. Now, I will attend a few of their games annually........just understand, I don't have a friggin clue of what is taking place while I'm at their games. I have too much fandom invested in the Rays and Bucs that being a hardcore fan of some northern sport is just never gonna happen.

The only player I can think of that plays for the Lightning is Puppa, and that's about it.

Hockey isnt exactly this towns most popular sport but it actually gets a decent crowd every game. TV ratings were at their best last season. Its getting more popular. The lockout hurt and of course you got the local clown media members writing that fans should boycott the first few games. SMH. Anyways, its a great sport and I think more would appreciate it if they watched it more and the media covered it more. Fast, big hits, fights, high scoring. Its a really fun sport to get into if you give it a chance. Its not for everybody but if you give it a chance its a great sport. The lightning are also a very fun team to watch too. Stamkos is a treat to watch. As has Marty St Louis for all these years hes been here. HOF for sure for #26.


--- Quote from: tripblood on January 07, 2013, 08:34:26 PM ---Lived in Tampa for 2 years and I never met anyone who would classify themselves as a Lightning fan.

Im not into yankee sports

--- End quote ---

Thank you for leaving - addition by subtraction at work!

27,000 at a playoff game set the record in '96. Who cares what you like? Go watch a dog show, sheila.


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