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2013 Tampa Bay Lightning

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The PP is deadly. It would be wise for teams to stay out of the PB but the problem is they are also very good 5 on 5. Stay out of the PB and they have a chance to win as long as their defense and goaltending plays like it has. Such a fun team to watch. Games Im looking forward to seeing are Pitt, NYR, and Bos.

This is a f'ing massacre.

Winnipeg needs to find a way to avoid penalties - or they will really want to forget this evening.  I was watching a recording - yep this is a massacre 6-0 about 1/2 way through the second....

Yea they are something. Tough game tomorrow night.

What's this? No posts for a week. Can it be that the enthusiasm for the Bolts and NHL has died down significantly?


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