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You had to have enjoyed the game last evening, nice to see so much improvement moving out of and into zones.  Keeping my fingers crossed - we might have a by damn goalie. 


--- Quote from: dbucfan on January 28, 2013, 10:39:39 PM ---You had to have enjoyed the game last evening, nice to see so much improvement moving out of and into zones.  Keeping my fingers crossed - we might have a by damn goalie.

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Anytime we can beat a Philly team that bad I'm pretty happy about it. Plus we were sitting next to a couple obnoxious Philly fans. Lindback already looks better than anything we've had besides Roli from a couple of years ago. He covers the net great but he's quick too at 6'6. He's still learning as its his first season as starter. He should get better with time and if the D keeps playing solid in front of him he should be fine. Garon backed him up great in the Carolina game so if he struggles can be solid as well. I like everything about this team this year. Vinny is beasting again and really being that leader the team needs. Stamkos isn't even close to the level he was playing at last year and he's still scoring. Conacher looked so comfortable out there it's like what 2011-12 AHL player of the year award? Always seems first to the puck and has set up a few big goals this year from that hustle. Dudes damn good. Yzerman a done a hell of a job filling this roster. They still have guys down on that AHL team who probably should be playing in the NHL now but the team doesn't need them. Its ok thst they get more experience down there and get a good competition going into training camp next year. It's good now and it should be good in the future. The team is really going in the right direction.

I like beating the Panthers as well....

The next 3 games should be tough. They got the Jets coming to town who played well vs us last year. NYR have a tough team and they added Nash over the summer. Then we got an angry Flyers team again. Hoping we can go at least 2-1 out of those 3. They are capable of beating all 3 of them how they are playing right now. Its just too hard to do that in this league. Theyve played great lately. They are due for a stinker soon.

I am of the opinion that if they clean up the exit of their zone, and entry in to the other team's defensive zone that we might well be looking at one of the top teams in the league.  Bigger, stronger, faster and more talented is a dream off season.

The PP is deadly. It would be wise for teams to stay out of the PB but the problem is they are also very good 5 on 5. Stay out of the PB and they have a chance to win as long as their defense and goaltending plays like it has. Such a fun team to watch. Games Im looking forward to seeing are Pitt, NYR, and Bos.

This is a f'ing massacre.

Winnipeg needs to find a way to avoid penalties - or they will really want to forget this evening.  I was watching a recording - yep this is a massacre 6-0 about 1/2 way through the second....

Yea they are something. Tough game tomorrow night.

What's this? No posts for a week. Can it be that the enthusiasm for the Bolts and NHL has died down significantly?


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