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2013 Tampa Bay Lightning

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The turnovers coming out of their zone are killing them (and me!)


--- Quote from: dbucfan on March 05, 2013, 01:46:46 PM ---The turnovers coming out of their zone are killing them (and me!)

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And the GM. Heard him talk about them on the radio. Tough when you shoot yourself in the foot

Good win last night.  Needed it.


--- Quote from: olafberserker on March 06, 2013, 09:35:59 AM ---Good win last night.  Needed it.

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Almost desperately needed it. 

Yea they definitely needed that win. Even though the Devils have struggled also they havent done well against that team ever. This will give them some confidence going forward. They have a winnable schedule coming up. If they get going it will turn around things. They are also not far from division leader Carolina who just lost their starting goaltender Ward. Hopefully they take advantage.

I just started watching again this year. i love the offense, it's fantastic, but man... the D needs to step it up and we just plain need a better goalie.

This thread is kind of short. No avid watchers? I've seen every game either live or on Game Center.

I gave hockey my full attention back in 09/10 - went to a lot of games, even open practices, but can't get interested. 

I love that they brought up all the kids who won the Calder cup last ear. They deserved it. And why not too. In a short season where the team obviously isn't contending for a Stanely Cup why not build for the future. I just feel for Marty St. Louis. I wanted him to have another cup run. They can do it if they make some smart moves at the deadline or next year free agency.

They played a very energetic game last night - it was good to see.

I don't like to watch the Lightning on NBC sports - damn announcers are homers to the nth degree - should be waving Flyer pom-poms


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