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2013 Tampa Bay Lightning

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I just started watching again this year. i love the offense, it's fantastic, but man... the D needs to step it up and we just plain need a better goalie.

This thread is kind of short. No avid watchers? I've seen every game either live or on Game Center.

I gave hockey my full attention back in 09/10 - went to a lot of games, even open practices, but can't get interested. 

I love that they brought up all the kids who won the Calder cup last ear. They deserved it. And why not too. In a short season where the team obviously isn't contending for a Stanely Cup why not build for the future. I just feel for Marty St. Louis. I wanted him to have another cup run. They can do it if they make some smart moves at the deadline or next year free agency.

They played a very energetic game last night - it was good to see.

I don't like to watch the Lightning on NBC sports - damn announcers are homers to the nth degree - should be waving Flyer pom-poms


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