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Bucs to let go of DB coach Ron Cooper

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Report: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Will Let Go of DB’s Coach Ron Cooper

Jan 9th, 2013 at 8:56 pm

 by Leo Howell

Breaking News

Having one of the worst pass defenses in the history of the NFL would logically result in some changes in personnel. Here at the Pewter Plank, we’ve already discussed some of the on-the-field changes that could happen at One Buc Place over the summer, such as Eric Wright moving on, or making some late round draft choices to help bring in competition. However, it appeared that the coaching staff was getting a pass, with the only changes coming on the offensive side of the ball due to coaches getting better jobs at colleges.
But according to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, there just might be a change yet to come:


No final decisions have been made or announced, but indications are the Bucs will allow DBs coach Ron Cooper to explore other opportunities

 9 Jan 13

Cooper has been coaching for a very long time, including time spent as a head coach at the college level at Louisville and Eastern Michigan. His most recent gig was under Les Miles at LSU, and he will likely be looking for jobs in the NCAA once again. New USF coach Willie Taggart may want to consider Cooper for his staff, and Cooper may find he is more comfortable in the college game.
All indications are that Coach Schiano’s staff was hastily thrown together this past offseason, and I am therefore inclined to be largely indifferent to any coaching changes. Cooper was the coach responsible for the weakest link of the defense, and even with a devastating string of injuries and suspensions, someone needed to be “held accountable.” At least, that’s how the game is played in the NFL these days. Mark Barron will likely be joined by another young defensive back taken in the first round in 2013, and these players will need a solid coach to guide them in the Schiano defensive scheme.
Position coaches are vital to a team’s chemistry, as these are the coaches players spend the most time working with. The likely player turnover at the position will mean this coaching change will be largely inconsequential in terms of chemistry. The real test will be if the pass defense shows signs of improvement in the upcoming season. If it doesn’t, there will be more coaches allowed to “explore other opportunities.”

Well - the quote of Stroud says he might be let go.  So has he been let go or not?

The Anti-Java:
Ronde for DB's coach in 2013......ya baby !!!!!!!!!!!!

Buc on the Move:
IS this official at all yet?

Someone had to take a fall for the failed pass D or TBA is a pile of Mike Mularkey.  With Sheridan staying on, it is almost required that Cooper go. 

This is great news.

Before we start talking about drafting a DB in the first round, we need to make sure that we have a quality coach in place to take these guys to the next level. Cooper just wasn't cutting it.

Maybe we will hire Raheem....

Buc on the Move:
Does the team need a new bartender?

The Anti-Java:
Whatever player said they were tired of the college coach's,  was probably referring to this guy.  I am sure he is a good man and all that, but probably better suited to the college game.  It would be doing him a favor letting him go asap, let him get a jump on a college gig somewhere.

Scapegoat, gave them man trash to work with, what did they think was going to happen.

The Anti-Java:

--- Quote from: Legend on January 10, 2013, 12:31:07 AM ---Scapegoat, gave them man trash to work with, what did they think was going to happen.

--- End quote ---

IDK man, those players looked lost out there.


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