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If Tebow really wants an NFL career and is smart...

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    ... he'll forget about posing as an NFL-level QB and work on other football skills. He wouldn't be the first...
     Packer great Paul Hornung, now in the HOF, was drafted #1 as Notre Dame's "Golden Boy" QB and Heisman Trophy winner before Lombardi became HC. He quickly realized Paul was no QB, at least not in the NFL. Hornung developed into one of the NFL's all-time versatile players who could run inside or outside, block, catch, or throw the occasional option pass. Oh, and he was a very solid place kicker too; his 176 points scored in 1960, the NFL's last 12 game season, was the NFL record until 2006. And, he passed for 2 more TD's that season, which didn't count...
     Think about it, Tim; VERSATILITY is everything, and the window is closing... ;)

     If he's got the desire, I think he could develop into a a jack-of-all-trades kind of RB on the Bucs. Worth a shot if he becomes available. NOT serious competition for Freeman though...

I agree. Good post. We need a TE here. Maybe he can be our new weapon at te. Sell tickets and a new te. Can't beat that.

The guy could seriously be a good fullback or TE.

Although, I doubt he wants to create that label for himself, as evident of his jets season (Ryan would have ran him more, or as the hb).

QB's last longer than RB's, and get paid more. Simple economics in the NFL.

You lost me at "and is smart". Let the Jaguars have him. The Bucs don't need the distraction.

    Sparky, Hornung worked the celeb vs football thing out back in the '60's under Lombardi just fine. I think Tebow needs to make that same kinda decision...

Chief Joseph:

I thought that was the Jets plan for him to begin with. But hard to say what's going on in that circus


he doesnt want to play other positions and hes made that clear. we dont have roster spots to waste on him and he brings an idiotic media circus along. the guy is cancer. a different kind of cancer from what we usually see but cancer nonetheless. instead of being a distraction through his actions and behavior he is a distraction for nothing more than his mere presence.

id be surprised if anyone picked him up for anything other than putting asses in seats

The Anti-Java:
Don't want him here, but he would make a good TE IMO. 

Tebow isn't on the Bucs, but if he was, he would be the starting QB for the Bucs.

The Anti-Java:

--- Quote from: JavaRay on January 10, 2013, 08:44:45 PM ---Tebow isn't on the Bucs, but if he was, he would be the starting QB for the Bucs.

--- End quote ---

31 GM's disagree.


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