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If Tebow really wants an NFL career and is smart...

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--- Quote from: Ms Elam on January 11, 2013, 12:15:13 PM ---
--- Quote from: QaZ on January 11, 2013, 12:04:43 PM ---
--- Quote from: JavaRay on January 11, 2013, 11:51:25 AM ---I wish Freeman would have been replaced by PEYTON MANNING.   Maybe the best QB in the history of the game.

Bucs were really dumb not to go after him and stick with loser boy Freeman.

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So Peyton just went to DEN because we did not go after him, interesting
I'm sure Peyton would have choose our defense over DEN'

Gruden rather sticking to Griese/Simms than drafting Rodgers was dumb. Unlike Schiano with Peyton, Gruden could have had Rodgers if wanted to. I wish Gruden would have done just one single good offseason move after 2002. I'm not talking about getting the best player in the history of the game, already a QB/WR that plays one single snap would have been nice. But Plummer and that AppSt WR did not even do this.

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He wasn't coming to the nfc anyway. He turned the 49ers down and he couldve went 16-0 with that defense 2 times.

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Yea didnt he do that because he wants the chance to play his brother in the super bowl. I agree that if he went to the 49ers they would have easily won everything this year. Probably next year too.

I don't think Tebow is good enough to completely switch positions and be better than some of the guys who has been playing one position all of the lives. He couldn't block as a punt protector to save his life and the one pass I ever seen thrown to him bounced off of his helmet. I know everybody says the guy tries hard but he has been trying hard at QB for years and as of now he wouldnt be able to hit the dumptruck in stride. I dont think he would be much of a TE because if he couldn't block a special teamer, which starting NFL linebacker would he be able to block thats not named Barrett Ruud?

I think Tebow was too big a name for himself when he got into the league. I think he was much more a development guy who got thrown in right away. The media and his past success grew his ego and he cant (not many could) live up to those standards. He should have taken a back seat to somebody for a few years, learned the QB position and all the mechanics again, and then gave it his best shot. I think that time has come and gone because I dont think there is anybody willing to have him start or sit on their bench. Too much hype around the kid. A lot of its media part of that is his fault for getting sucked into that. He is what he is at this point.


--- Quote from: BucsnNoles on January 11, 2013, 10:33:13 AM ---
--- Quote from: Benchwarmer#1 on January 10, 2013, 06:16:54 PM ---The guy could seriously be a good fullback or TE.

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Because you're just assuming he can run routes and block?

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When he blocked for Sanchez against the Niners he took out Aldon Smith, Navarro Bowmanand one other player on consecutive plays.


--- Quote from: 1sparkybuc on January 11, 2013, 01:05:19 AM ---
--- Quote from: NotDeadYet on January 10, 2013, 07:02:04 PM ---    Sparky, Hornung worked the celeb vs football thing out back in the '60's under Lombardi just fine. I think Tebow needs to make that same kinda decision...

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I remember him very well. Back then we had no pro teams in Florida and the league was much smaller. He was suspended for a year for gambling on games. Football was a part time job back then, and Hornung was simply better than the competition. Tebow doesn't have that advantage. He did in college, but not here. These are grown men and they are professionals. Tebow would do well in the Arena League, but he will never be a starter at any position in the NFL. No disrespect. You and I share many opinions, just not this one.

I root for all of the schools in Florida, including Florida when Tebow was there. Tebow uses religion as a marketing tool to draw attention to himself. He's Tammy Faye Baker in a football helmet. I didn't like her and I don't like him. They both cheated people out of a lot of money. He's a lousy player on a lousy team and his future is rapidly dimming in the league. I expect he will soon be selling used cars and running tent revivals in his spare time. His prayer pose doesn't impress me any more than his posing as a professional football player.

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   Sparky, I am far from a Tebow fan or expert. Was not aware of his marketeering on the religion front. As for the NFL, at best, his time is certainly running out to make that transition.... 

Switching to FB is a whole different animal as it requires diving in head first on every play without any much "reward". The mindset has to be there. We have no idea whether it is or not. As to TE, that may be even more of a question mark since we have no idea if he can run a route or catch consistently in a game.

I'm also not sure why it's imperative that he be on the field in some capacity. If a player is a QB and not deemed good enough to play, teams generally don't spend a ton of time looking around to see if he fits in elsewhere. They cut him. If they need a FB they go get a FB. If they need a TE they got get one. They don't try and figure out if the backup QB can play those positions.


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