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U.S. Government's Response To Petition To Build Real Death Star

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Chief Joseph:

1. You've spent more time than that in this thread.

2. My response was to your wild exaggeration about job, home, family, etc.

3. Did you see Blue Falcon's contributions to this thread? You may want to look there for reasons behind "the downfall."

John Galt?:
I think jumping straight to a full-sized Death Star is not the way to go. We need to start out small at first and work our way up. Instead of a planet sized DS start with much smaller asteroid sized platforms to get the kinks out. We'd still have the advantage since no one else has a fleet of "Death Roids"

Chief Joseph:

Recent intelligence reports indicate that Blue Falcon has defected, and that China has begun development of a fleet of triangular space ships to counter the Death Roids threat.

John Galt?:
Somebody set up us the bomb.

China has announced: "All your base are belong to us. "

Dolorous Jason:


--- Quote from: BucNY on January 15, 2013, 01:33:16 PM ---A petition for the government to build a death star. Classic American's. Spend more time and effort into doing something utterly useless than they put into their jobs, family, houses etc....

--- End quote ---

You completely missed the point.  The petition was set up as a sarcastic protest to the administration's plans to "solve the economy" by increasing borrowing and spending.


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