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Obama / FICA taxes: "how do you like me now?"

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Notice BOTH Democrat & Reps kept this little secret from America while campaigning.

Both sides said they ONLY want taxes to go up on the extremely rich-- while they reach in Your pockets and take your money.  ;)

The Social Security Program doesn't pay for itself.

Besides, it has always been known that the decrease was a temporary payroll tax holiday used to stimulate the economy.

Both sides are liars. Payroll taxes went up on the 1st and next year families will be taxed if they don't buy/can't buy healthcare. Both taxes hit the middle class, the healthcare tax will primarily hit the middle class.

again,  gotta pay for SS somehow - and middle class members will be the first ones looking for theirs when they turn 62/69.

Chief Joseph:

Gotta pay for SS somehow? What happened to all the money those people payed in for exactly that purpose? Before we fund a new tax to replace those funds, I at least want those **CENSORED**suckers to admit they stole it.

Propping up a Ponzi scheme only gets you deeper in.


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