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« : January 19, 2013, 12:47:39 AM »

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Three New Year's Resolutions for 2013
By Ben Adams

January 18, 2013 10:31 pm

The Buccaneers went 7-9 this past season and wound up on the cusp of making the playoffs. Are there some surprised fans out there in the crowd? I’m sure there are, just as there are surprised fans in Cincinnati right now after the Bengals made their fourth playoff appearance since the Marvin Lewis era began in 2003.

Recording a 4-8 conference slate with an even 3-3 divisional performance doesn’t exactly speak volumes about the team. But if you look closely, the positive takeaway from this year’s season is that the Bucs played most teams close and were in the running for the victory in most games.

Now please enjoy my ideas for Tampa Bay’s New Year’s resolutions.

1) Continue Working on Executing in Close Games
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Six of Tampa Bay’s nine losses were won by a touchdown or less.

Although this statistic can be depressing, it also is a sign of progress. It reminds fans about how close the Bucs were to having an outstanding season.

Heartbreaking losses to New York, Dallas, Atlanta and Denver were, in hindsight, clearly season-enders.

Had the offense found ways to pull out these wins, we very well could have seen a playoff contender this season.

And that is one of the issues the team should work on in the off-season. The “Buccaneer Way” should include pulling out gritty, hard-nosed finishes.

Quarterback Josh Freeman and wide receiver Vincent Jackson, in addition to running backs Doug Martin and LeGarrette Blount, can lead this team to new heights.

Picking up Jackson in free agency will prove to be one of the best decisions the Buccaneers have made.

2) Maintain Greg Schiano’s Philosophy and the Team's Trajectory
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Following the Raheem Morris era in which Tampa Bay won only 17 games, fans are getting back on the Buccaneer train.

Tampa Bay faithful are finding out why ownership hired Greg Schiano – he knows how to win games.

In his last six seasons at Rutgers, Schiano posted a 49-24 record and led his team to five postseason bowl victories.

A look inside the mind of Schiano is very telling about his coaching philosophy. In an interview with the Tampa Bay Times in November 2012, Schiano told Gary Shelton what he expects from his team.

“Even when we weren’t very good [at Rutgers] I always expected to win,’’ coach Greg Schiano says.

“By the end of the week, if you can get them playing hard and preparing, you expect to win. I expect to win, absolutely.”

Schiano could have asked for a slightly better inaugural year in the NFL, but he could have had a much worse go at it as well.

With his first year in the books, there is much to improve on but there is also much to be happy about. Schiano almost took the Buccaneers to the playoffs.

Looking forward, observers expect Schiano to persevere and promote his style of football.

Maintaining the positive aspects of his first year while working on offensively finishing the games will likely produce better results in future seasons.

3) Maintain the Momentum into Next Season
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What momentum, you ask? Well, after beating the Falcons and finishing in a three-way tie in the division, the future could look brighter next year.

The Bucs started the season 1-3 heading into the bye week. After returning from the layover of Week 5, they went on a 5-1 streak entering Week 12.

Unfortunately, those magical six weeks were followed up with another streak. Tampa Bay lost the next five games.

So you see, the last game of the season was technically the beginning of another streak.

Going into Atlanta, fans had to have feared the worst but were surely hoping for the best. Tampa Bay played their hearts out and did the unthinkable – they beat the playoff-bound Falcons.

This win cemented their three-way tie in the division and ended the season on a positive, momentous note.

Out of 16 games, the season was a tale of two streaks. One consisted of an early winning streak that brought the playoff picture into clear view.

The other entailed a vicious losing streak that saw the playoffs gently slip away.

Streaks are just that – uninterrupted periods of time where plays are made or mistakes are produced.

Tampa Bay should vow to end the negative five-loss streaks and work toward creating more winning streaks.

As this is obviously easier said than done, coach Greg Schiano knows a thing or two about ending losing streaks – his first four seasons at Rutgers were markedly different from the latter part of his career where he is credited for making the Scarlet Knights a perennial contender.



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« #1 : January 19, 2013, 12:50:34 AM »

unlike the 2011 offseason, this time there's good coaching and no lockout, so that guys can actually be motivated to improve during the offseason

Chief Joseph

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Well, that's a relief. I was concerned the plan might be to stop working on executing and give up momentum

Sweet **CENSORED**ing Jesus.

Illuminator is a good poster. He sticks to his guns and makes good points. Some don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t like that.
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