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Rays' Sternberg: MLB doesn't believe in Tampa Bay anymore

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St. Pete is doing their own taxpayers an injustice by not allowing the Rays to explore all options.  I would be livid if I lived there.  There should be no fee.  The Rays should counter with about $1,000.

Tampa Bay sports fans have caviar tastes on a pauper's budget. Build a state of the art stadium and the price per seat will rise dramatically - out of the price range for your typical fan.  This is not NY.

The Marlins have used up all of the goodwill a new taxpayer-funded stadium gave them just a year ago. They've made many missteps, but the massive giveaway with the Blue Jays turned even hardcore Fish fans against them. And it has left them with a line for tickets that's four people long. That's not including this guy, who wore a Blue Jays cap to the event in protest.

YBOR anyone?


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