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In no particular order:

JDub - dude really does his research on any given subject before he speaks/posts. I don't always agree with him, but I do respect his opinion

Biggs. - dude has a memory like an elephant and is always quick to point out hypocrites and people who were very wrong on certain subjects. Plus its comical how he goes after Dolorous.

Tatman - is a Madden nerd like myself, and also researches before posting on a given subject. Smart guy.

Feels Real Good - another guy who knows what he is talking about, IMO. But like JDub, I don't always agree with him but I do respect his opinion.

Detrimental - smart guy. Good sense of humor. Well manicured, too. 

Hate - smart, sarcastic and civil for the most part. Sassy. ;)

ThirdString - smart guy.

Michael - guy is a beast. Love coming here and reading Bucs articles from around the web. Keep on keepin on, bro.

Gametime - another knowledgeable poster is respectful and civil.

Chace - because of the HOARS in his sig. (Seriously, who's the hot cocoa one you are currently sporting?) I don't really read his posts to be honest. Lol

Beatles - because he reminds me of my lil bro

That's just off the top of my head. Apologies to those that I forgot, I will edit as my memory improves. :)

 Appreciate what you guys do and how you conduct yourselves.

This thread is going to go real well, haha.

Buc on the Move:
Are we choosing a prom king and queen?

Not Dead Yet - he appears to be a rational and logical person.

Buc on the Move:
I've got to say, I've only got a couple of folks blocked, and am considering unblocking one of those.  Heck, I even read Java's posts, because like in the old Howard Stern movie "I want to see what he'll say next."

As for information, it doesn't get better than Yucc, I mean seems like a true insider the nuggets of knowledge brought there.
For civility(manners are important in my book) NotDeadYet, takes the cake.
Sigpics, Chace, duh.

Mostly I enjoy the online company of most of you hooligans, especially when talking about subjects other than our QB.  It's the circular arguing, repetitiveness of some topics that gets me. 

I don't wanna post my favorite because it might make HER blush!!

Why do you feel the need to tell us about who you like on this board? It's not like we care.

Take this circlejerk crap to the Pirates Cove or just somewhere else entirely.

My favorite poster was Cheryl Tiegs in the fishnet bikini, 1970s.

Consider my feelings officially hurt.....


I had this poster up on the wall at work for my summer job as a teenager. It still is my fav poster.


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