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In no particular order:

JDub - dude really does his research on any given subject before he speaks/posts. I don't always agree with him, but I do respect his opinion

Biggs. - dude has a memory like an elephant and is always quick to point out hypocrites and people who were very wrong on certain subjects. Plus its comical how he goes after Dolorous.

Tatman - is a Madden nerd like myself, and also researches before posting on a given subject. Smart guy.

Feels Real Good - another guy who knows what he is talking about, IMO. But like JDub, I don't always agree with him but I do respect his opinion.

Detrimental - smart guy. Good sense of humor. Well manicured, too. 

Hate - smart, sarcastic and civil for the most part. Sassy. ;)

ThirdString - smart guy.

Michael - guy is a beast. Love coming here and reading Bucs articles from around the web. Keep on keepin on, bro.

Gametime - another knowledgeable poster is respectful and civil.

Chace - because of the HOARS in his sig. (Seriously, who's the hot cocoa one you are currently sporting?) I don't really read his posts to be honest. Lol

Beatles - because he reminds me of my lil bro

That's just off the top of my head. Apologies to those that I forgot, I will edit as my memory improves. :)

 Appreciate what you guys do and how you conduct yourselves.

This thread is going to go real well, haha.

Buc on the Move:
Are we choosing a prom king and queen?

Not Dead Yet - he appears to be a rational and logical person.

Buc on the Move:
I've got to say, I've only got a couple of folks blocked, and am considering unblocking one of those.  Heck, I even read Java's posts, because like in the old Howard Stern movie "I want to see what he'll say next."

As for information, it doesn't get better than Yucc, I mean seems like a true insider the nuggets of knowledge brought there.
For civility(manners are important in my book) NotDeadYet, takes the cake.
Sigpics, Chace, duh.

Mostly I enjoy the online company of most of you hooligans, especially when talking about subjects other than our QB.  It's the circular arguing, repetitiveness of some topics that gets me. 


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